Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Blogcademy

The weekend before last I had the amazing chance to attend The Blogcademy, put on by blogging goddesses Gala Darling, Nubbytwiglet and Kat of Rock and Roll Bride.  I've been following Gala and Nubby since their livejournal days, so it was great to meet them in person and hear first hand how they grew their blogs and their businesses.

Me with the fabulous Gala Darling

This class was amazing.  There was so much material covered starting with how to grow your blog and turn it into a business, branding your business, how to get a book deal and so much more.

Nubby, Kat and Gala

Kat and Nubby watching Gala's presentation

The other great part of the weekend was meeting so many inspiring women from all over the world.  Bloggers came from England, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia as well as different parts of the United States.  And speaking of amazing women attending The Blogcademy:

Me with Veronica Varlow (doing I'm not worthy motions right now!)
The amazing Veronica Varlow was a fellow student!  Yes, the Danger Dame herself was there and not only is she tall and gorgeous, she is also incredibly sweet and friendly.  My secret art fantasy has always been that I win the Mega Millions, have a huge studio of my own and paint all the Dr. Sketchys models.  I guess it's not a secret anymore, but a big part of the weekend was putting your goals down on paper and out into the world.

I have to give Gala, Kat and Nubby a huge thank you for all the work they did to give us this presentation.  Thank you for an amazing and inspiring weekend!


*Due to hurricane Sandy, Gala is without power and Veronica is in the flood zone.  Please send some good vibes out to them and everybody else affected by the storm.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Union Square Redux

Remember my Union Square debacle with the falling painting? Well, I finally got back there to finish up the rehabilitation.  After falling face down in the dirt (not actual dirt, it was concrete, but since this is New York City there was plenty of dirt on the ground), I had to use duct tape to gently get dirt, sand, particles and who knows what else off of the wet painting.  After it dried a bit I had to wipe the whole panel down with a paper towel.  Needless to say, the painting needed some work after all that.

I tried to fix it up at home, but the spontaneity of the painting was lost.  Luckily, we had a gorgeous day last week and I was able to get back out there and fix it up.

Before The Fall
This is the painting before the great wind gust of 2012.  This was back in June, so the light was different last week, but due to the great weather, I just repainted it and I think it worked out fine.

The great thing about oil painting is that when disaster happens you can just paint right over it.  So glad this painting was not lost for good.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Artist Demonstration

A few weeks ago I attended a demonstration given by my teacher, Gregg Kreutz.  Gregg does demos for us once or twice a year and I love watching them.  Not only do I learn a lot about the painting process and color mixing, but it is incredibly interesting to watch a master artist at work.

Maja, our model 
The demo was a portrait of our lovely model, Maja.  

Gregg's Palette

The start

Gregg has a formula for painting.  He starts with the placement, then moves on to the background (seen above), then shadow and light.  I'll do a separate post about this in the future.  It is a great method that really works and changed my painting life forever.  

Adding Shadow

The light was coming from the left for this set up, so if you look on the right side of Maja's face and neck you will see the shadows added in there.  

Light Added

In the photo above you can see the light added next to the shadow.

The demo lasted about two hours.  I find it amazing that Gregg can get this much done while teaching us and answering questions at the same time.  If you ever have the opportunity to watch an artist at work, take it.  I hope you enjoyed seeing this portrait demonstration.