Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Artist Demonstration

A few weeks ago I attended a demonstration given by my teacher, Gregg Kreutz.  Gregg does demos for us once or twice a year and I love watching them.  Not only do I learn a lot about the painting process and color mixing, but it is incredibly interesting to watch a master artist at work.

Maja, our model 
The demo was a portrait of our lovely model, Maja.  

Gregg's Palette

The start

Gregg has a formula for painting.  He starts with the placement, then moves on to the background (seen above), then shadow and light.  I'll do a separate post about this in the future.  It is a great method that really works and changed my painting life forever.  

Adding Shadow

The light was coming from the left for this set up, so if you look on the right side of Maja's face and neck you will see the shadows added in there.  

Light Added

In the photo above you can see the light added next to the shadow.

The demo lasted about two hours.  I find it amazing that Gregg can get this much done while teaching us and answering questions at the same time.  If you ever have the opportunity to watch an artist at work, take it.  I hope you enjoyed seeing this portrait demonstration.  

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