Thursday, May 9, 2013


Over the past few days I have read some great articles related to the business of art and blogging and thought I would share them with you here.

First up, Holly from decor8 wrote a great post about getting paid for your work.  I was so glad to see this post as the misconception that creatives should not get paid for their work drives me nuts.  No, you can't "have" a painting.  No, you can't use my image and not pay for it.  No, "exposure" is not sufficient payment for articles or images.  Please click through and read the article, but Holly's point was that bloggers and creatives provide a service and we should be paid for it.  When artists or bloggers  get pulled into the exposure trap and work for free, it devalues all of us.

Second, last week I discovered the fantastic reddotblog.  Red dot is written by Xanadu Gallery owner Jason Horejs.  I'm going through all the posts, but there are two that I wanted to mention here.

This is the BEST article I've ever read about how to ship artwork.  Yes, it is so good I had to use all caps.  Jason goes through every step, including what tools and supplies you will need.  I've been desperately needing something like this and I'm so grateful to have this step by step guide.  If you ship artwork or are considering it, read this post.

The second article is a recent post about women in the art world.  Does discrimination still exist in the art world?  In my own experience, I have never felt discriminated against professionally, even though I do sign my name with my first initial and last name as mentioned in the article.  Personally, however, is another matter.  I am constantly fighting against the stereotype that my painting is a little hobby on the side.  None of the male artists I know ever have to deal with this.  Even if they have a day job, they are still considered by society to be serious artists.  A very thought provoking article and the comments are interesting as well.

 I had to share this post by Shauna over on Nubbytwiglet.  Do you look at Instagram, blogs or Pinterest and start thinking how your work/apartment/blog/whatever are horrible compared to everyone else?  I know I'm guilty on all counts.  Sometimes I have to step back and remember that Elle Decor isn't coming over to photograph my place, so it's okay if it does not look like a Pinterest photo shoot.  As Shauna and many of the commenters wrote, we are only seeing the best parts of everyone online and it is helpful to remember that.

Megan made the same point.  Just do your best and don't compare yourself to everyone else.

I found these posts very interesting and thought provoking and hope you do too.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.


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