Saturday, May 25, 2013

New Portrait

Just a quick post to show you a new portrait I finished last week.  I was lucky to have the beautiful Regina posing for me, so it was a very fun and exciting painting to work on.  The right model can make all the difference, don't you think?

I had intended to photograph the process all the way through, but I was really into the painting zone and just did not get all the steps documented.  However, I did shoot enough to give you a basic idea of how this portrait came about.

This is the original placement on the panel.  Actually, it's the second placement.  If you look at the top right hand corner, you can see the original outline that I put down.  Luckily, Gregg pointed out that the placement of the model should be over to the left about an inch.  It really did look much better and I'm so happy to have made the change before any real work started.

Here is where I fell into the zone.  This is the end of the third painting session.  I suddenly realized that I had not photographed anything since the original block in.  I'm working on a still life and have managed to document that whole process, so I'll have that for you soon.

This is midway through the fourth and final pose.  At this point I mostly worked on her hair and the background and did a little bit of tweaking to the red robe.

The end of the modeling session.  The painting is now drying and waiting to be varnished.  When that happens I will post a proper photo.

I really enjoyed doing this painting.  There is nothing like painting a beautiful and inspiring model.  I hope you enjoyed seeing how this painting came about.