Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Saturday In The Park

I was going to add "but it wasn't the fourth of July" to the title, but thankfully I stopped myself.  This weekend was absolutely perfect and it seemed like everyone in the city came out of their homes and headed to the parks.

I spent some time in Madison Square Park and it was lovely.  The park was packed with people, flowers were blooming and there was a pretty good singer belting out Sinatra tunes.  Gotta love New York!

People were camped out all over the grass enjoying the sunshine.

The gardens were in full bloom.  There were gorgeous flowers everywhere.

The trees were in full bloom as well.  So pretty.

Love this beautiful fountain.  Of course I threw a penny in and made a wish.

Here is the Sinatra crooner.  He was actually quite a good singer and it is always nice to hear good music while relaxing in the park.

This is just part of the line of people waiting to get into Shake Shack. Crazy!!

Hope you enjoyed this look into a weather perfect Saturday in New York City.  It was beautiful!


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