Sunday, June 9, 2013

Painting Updates

Hi Everybody.  I wanted to update you on what has been happening in the studio.  I'm working on three (!) different paintings at the same time.  Normally I start a painting and work on it until it is finished, but that is on hold for the summer.

Every year around this time, I start seeing all the gorgeous flowers at the greenmarkets, and I was always so disappointed that I did not have a place to paint them.  Now that I have my studio I'm so excited to be painting all of these beautiful flower arrangements.

I started out with some great hydrangeas and ranunculus.  I got the flowers all painted in, but the rest of the set up has been a struggle.  The correct way of working is to paint the whole canvas at once, but with flowers I break this rule because they don't last long and aren't easily replaced.

I was working away on this painting when I spotted a booth at the greenmarket selling the most beautiful peonies.  Of course, the hydrangeas went on hold while I got to work on the new painting.

I snapped this with my phone so it is not the best photo, but I wanted to show you how it is coming along.  This was the end of day three.  It's been a bit of a struggle.  The insane weather we had last week and oil painting do not mix very well.  We had five inches of rain on Friday!  The panel was not drying overnight and my paints were a bit sticky.  I'm hoping for better weather and more progress on this over the next few days.

I showed this painting in my last post.  It needs a bit more work as well and has some greenery that has to go in tomorrow.

So that is what I've been up to the last two weeks.  I'm hoping to have some finished paintings to show you over the next week or two.  Unless I find another bouquet I can't resist...

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