Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th And A New Landscape

Hi everybody.  It's been a busy painting week around here.  First, I want to wish my American readers a happy Fourth of July.  Today is the first time in awhile we are having a sunny day with no rain, so I hope every one is out having fun.

I snapped this pic of the Empire State Building all lit up for the holiday last night.  But I spent the day painting and managed to finish up two paintings.

This is the first.  This painting is what Gregg refers to as a phony landscape, meaning it is not done from any sort of reference.  We do them as an exercise and just make them up.  I had beginning photos, but they seem to have disappeared into the ether, so I'll have to show this one first.  This shot is after the third session working on the painting.  I thought I was finished, but after spending a few days looking at it, I decided I needed one more day to be completely done.  That happens a lot in painting, so if possible, it's best to let them sit a few days just to be sure no more work is needed.

The bush on the left was looking a little flat and the river didn't seem "water like" enough for me.  I also decided to brighten up the grass in front and add a little blue sky into the sunlight.

The River, 18x24, oil on panel

This is the finished result.  I'm quite happy with it now.  It was very wet so I couldn't sign it, but I will take care of that tomorrow.  Then I just have to let it dry, varnish and photograph it.

I love doing fake landscapes.  They allow you to work out all the difficulties of landscape painting in your studio.  Much easier than when you are outside fighting the weather, changing light and people who want to chat.  After I did my first fake, I found painting outside to be much easier.

I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of my finished floral still life.  Hope you are all having a great day!

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