Friday, July 5, 2013

Peonies and Cherries

I'm back to tell you about the second painting I finished up this week, another lovely bouquet of peonies.  There is a stand at the farmers market that has the most incredible peonies.  They are so beautiful that I am forced to buy them whenever I am there.  I was hoping the seller would have beautiful flowers all summer long, but he told me that when the peonies are no longer blooming, they are switching over to blueberries!? Oh well, I'll just have to enjoy them while they are here, right?

This is the original set up.  Not very exciting, I know, but as I needed to get the flowers done before they wilted, I just dropped them in the vase and got to work.

This is the end of the second painting session.  I don't have the block in to show you because I hadn't actually planned to paint this bouquet.  I have several other paintings that need to be finished up and I had planned to work on one of those, but then I saw these peonies at the market and that plan changed immediately.  I brought them to my studio, set them up, and then realized the one thing I didn't have was a canvas.  So I had to do what almost every artist has had to do at one time or another:  choose which painting was going to be sacrificed.  After debating for a few minutes, I chose an early figure painting.  It was good, but not great and a figure painting isn't easily made over without the model.

Once I got started, the flowers went in very easily.  They were done in two sessions.  I was in shock that they were done so quickly as my last bouquet of peonies almost sent me into a nervous breakdown.

On Wednesday I put the background in again and finished up the blue and white pitcher.

At this point I realized that I forgot to bring the grapes I had planned on using on the right side of the painting.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do when I realized that I had picked up a box of cherries that morning for my husband so I dug into those.  I guess the theme of this post is when in the studio, use what you have!

Peonies and Cherries, 16x20, oil on panel

Here is the finished painting.  I'm so excited to have a studio for the first time during the summer.  I've long dreamed of being able to spend the summer painting beautiful flowers and I'm having the best time.

Next on the list, the hydrangea still life will be finished next week and I have another floral still life that needs a little tweaking.

Have a great weekend everybody.  See you back here Monday.


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