Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Day Trip: The North Fork

After reading about Habitually Chic's trip to the North Fork of Long Island, I was inspired to travel out there myself.  I had not been out there in many years.  Some of the area has really changed and is now catering to tourists, while other parts are just as I remember them.

We went all the way to Orient Point.  To get out there, you have to drive through many small towns and they are just lovely.  If you love Mid-Century Modern, get yourself out to Southold immediately.  There were three vintage stores on one block selling some great things.  I found a Syroco mirror (I am obsessed with them thanks to Pinterest) but it was too small.  I also did my usual hunting for some blue and white pieces but had no luck on that front.

Next we stopped in Greenport.  I had not been there for many years and the town has changed dramatically.  It now resembles the beach towns in every other waterfront community, and there were many more tourists there than I ever remember seeing.

The unfortunately named Deliverance.  Every one reading the sign had the same reaction "no thanks"!

Next we drove on to Orient Point.  I went there all the time as a child and had not been there in many years.  There was some beautiful scenery on the way.

See the egret?  There were egrets and ducks all over

Orient Point

Not sure what kind of bird left this footprint, but it must be pretty big.

The Connecticut ferry docking at Orient Point.  Welcome to New York.

Next stop, France!

The end

Then it was time for the long drive home.  Now, back to the sunflowers!

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