Thursday, May 8, 2014

Operation Update

As I've mentioned before, I have some old paintings that I thought were okay at the time, but now that I  have more knowledge, they clearly need an update.

I started working on this painting a few weeks ago.

It's not horrible, but there were things about it I just did not like.  I have tried using a yellow ochre background a few times and it just does not work for me.  I like dark backgrounds so I am going to stick with them.  I was also concerned about the bowl.  The shadows were not dark enough so it looked rather flat.  The third problem is one that is difficult to see in the photo, but there was not enough paint on the panel.  I love my Innerglow panels, but they are not the type of surface that you can just quickly paint on and call it a day.  The more layers of paint, the better.  There were sections of the panel that I just didn't feel were covered well enough.

I started out by covering the yellow ochre background with my usual gray.

That took quite awhile to accomplish.  The panel was sucking up the paint like crazy.  I put the background in three or four times to get the coverage I wanted.  The proportions of the bowl were a little off so I fixed that problem as well.

The green bottle was also a problem.  It was looking a bit flat so I added a dark shadow to round it out.

Next up, I repainted the bowl.  I almost hated to do it because I did like the pattern, but it had to be done as the shadows were not dark enough.  In fact, after I repainted the pattern, I had to do the whole thing again because I still did not have it right.  That seems to be a frequent occurrence with white objects.  It is sometimes hard to see the darks and lights until the pattern is painted and then you end up having to do both over again.

Here is the bowl with the new pattern and darker shadow.  I think the pattern came out pretty well considering I did not have the bowl to work from.  I have no idea where this bowl is so I snapped a close up on my phone and worked from that.

You'll notice that I also changed the yellow cloth.  I'm not sure what I had going on with those crazy folds, but I like it much better now.  In fact, that was the easiest fix of this entire painting.

This is the finished painting.  I have to sit with it a day or two, but I'm happy with it so far.  Considering that I had nothing from the original painting to work with, I think it came out pretty well.

I'm in the midst of another update (another yellow ochre background) and I'm hoping to be done with that this weekend.

Hope everybody is having a great day!

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