Sunday, August 3, 2014

Painting in the Comune di Assisi

Before I left for Italy, I had all sorts of grand plans for traveling around and taking day trips.  I planned to visit Florence and Siena and the other hill towns.  But a funny thing happened on the third day of the trip.  We went up to the Comune di Assisi to paint and we all promptly fell in love with the little square.  The Comune, as it is known, is the main square of Assisi.  It is a gathering place for residents of Assisi as well as visitors and tourists.  To me, the Comune is Union Square meets East Hampton.  There are lots of lovely little shops and cafes and even a gallery or two, but there is also a vibrant street life that I just loved.

My first day in the square I decided to paint the fountain.  The Fontana dei Tre Leoni, or fountain of the three lions, has been there since the 16th century and is absolutely beautiful.  It is also used as a frequent photo op for visitors to the square.  I set up under the awning of the farmacia and got to work.  As a side note, every cafe and store owner was happy to have us set up near them.  I loved how the local people were so supportive of artists.  We could use a little more of that in New York.

Anyway,  I worked on this painting over two mornings, from about 10am to 1:15pm at which time the light changed and it was time for lunch.

This was the view I had from under the pharmacy awning.  You can see the three lions in the main pool of the fountain.  All three had water coming out of their mouths.

This is a close up from the other side.  If you look to the middle right of the photo, that is where I was standing.

This is the finished painting.  It is really just a quick plein aire painting that may someday be turned into a larger finished work, but it will always be a beautiful reminder of the fun I had in the Comune painting and people watching.

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