Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunflowers And Sag Harbor

Hello Everyone.  I'm back.  I did not mean to take a summer blogging break, but things have been a little crazy.  I'm in the middle of four paintings.  I had not meant to start so many, but a big batch of sunflowers and a lovely model changed things up.

Here in New York the temps have been in the 90's this week, but last week the weather was perfect so I took a ride out to the East End of Long Island.   We stopped in Sag Harbor first, just to take a look around.  It is lovely there.  Just walking around town there were beautiful flowers in bloom, boats, nice restaurants and lovely, old homes.

I love this old sign hanging in front of the Sag Harbor Pharmacy.

Near the dock and boats, we found a bunch of beautiful swans and ducks.  They did not seem to care that a bunch of people were there taking photos.  They just went on with sleeping, fishing, and swimming around.

On the way back to the city, I came upon a great farm stand and they were selling enormous bunches of sunflowers for $10.00!  You know I got one for myself and started painting it the very next day.

I have to admit, this painting was not going well at all.  The sunflower right out front was making me crazy.  I just could not get it right.  I started thinking that no wonder Van Gogh had issues.  It was not epilepsy.  It was not syphilis.  It was the sunflowers that caused him to have a stay in the sanitarium!  I knew at that point the painting had to change, so I moved the vase around until the set up seemed like it would work better and once I did that the painting began to flow.

This is where I left off last weekend.  I was determined to get the flowers done before they faded, but the rest of the painting is on hold for a bit as I had the opportunity to paint one of my favorite models last week and will be doing so again this week.  I will be going back to this painting and the others that are in progress soon.  I am determined to get them all finished in the next few weeks.

While on the East End I did something very exciting, but that event is getting it's own post.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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