Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Painting In Assisi, Day One

We arrived in Assisi in the middle of an intense heat wave, and that did affect our choice of painting spots.  If you recall, last summer we had perfect weather and we never left the Comune (the town square).  This year, we were only able to be there the first two mornings.  The weather was very dry, so humidity was not a problem, but the sun was so intense it was impossible to stand in a spot without shade.

We parked ourselves in front of the Minerva Temple as there was a bit of shade there.  Gregg started off the workshop by setting up and then doing a demo for us.

We set our easels up right next to the temple.  It was easy to just go up the steps and sit in the shade for a few minutes when it got too hot.  Many other people had the same idea, so it was a bit crowded, but when you are painting outside you have to expect those things.

This is my easel set up facing the cafe in the square.  They had a big fan that was misting water and we all ran over there a few times to cool off.  Luckily, the shopkeepers in town are very welcoming to artists, so they didn't mind.

This is the block in that I did in the few hours we were out there.  I would have loved to finish it, but it just was not possible.  That happens with outdoor painting and you just have to move on to the next thing.  I do feel like I captured the heat of the day and it will be a nice memory to have, finished or not.

This was our shady spot.  You can see through the columns on the left a stage was being set up.  There is free music all over Assisi and it is such fun to see these shows.  Last year there was a Beatles show taking place while we were painting!

This is the Minerva temple at night.  It is incredibly beautiful and a bit surreal that people are just hanging out on the steps of a structure that is thousands of years old.  I did go inside one day and the interior is beautiful and there is a ton of amazing art work.  You can see free art all over Italy just by going inside the churches.

So that is a recap of my first painting.  We did find a shady spot the next day and we were quite productive there.  I will show you some of those paintings in future posts.

Hope everyone is having a good September 1.  I can't believe summer is almost over :(

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