Friday, September 25, 2015

Brush Making Demonstration By Rosemary & Company

This past Tuesday evening I attended a very fun event.  Rosemary & Company brushes are now being sold at Jerry's International Palette here in New York, and Rosemary herself did a brush making demo in the store.

Rosemary and her daughter Symi came in for the demo, bringing with them a large selection of brushes.  I'm so excited that the brushes will now be sold in the US.  Their online ordering was great, but I like to see brushes before I buy them, so I'm happy to be able to do that now.

All Rosemary & Co. brushes are made by hand by Rosemary and her team.  She demonstrated how to make a few different kinds of brushes and showed us the whole process.  Rosemary said that filberts (the brushes that I use) are the most difficult to make.

Not only is Rosemary a very talented brush maker, she is also quite funny.  She told us that she started out tying flies for fly fishing because she wanted to hang around with her brother and his cute friend :) She realized she had a talent and turned that into brush making.

The white object on the right that looks like a water bottle is actually a big spool of white string.  All the brush makers use a different color string so if a defective brush gets sent back the company knows who made it.  When Rosemary remarried and took a two week vacation, she came back to find that her whole team used her white string while she was away!

Did you notice the Chanel No. 5 bottle on the left?  Rosemary uses talcum powder to keep her hands cool while making the brushes.  She said it's like making pastry.  Everything has to be cool.  I was laughing to myself about the Chanel, but Rosemary said anyone who gets a gift of talcum powder and does not use it passes it on to her, so she gets all kinds of posh powders.

We also learned about a new brush line, the Evergreens. They were artist tested and the response was great, so they made them available to everyone.  Personally, I'm thrilled with this new line.  I'm vegan and don't use animal hair brushes, so I was very happy to find out that there is now a second synthetic line available (the Ivory brushes are also synthetic).

Thanks to Rosemary, Symi and everyone at Jerry's for a fun and informative evening!

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