Sunday, November 1, 2015

Brass Teapot With Peaches

I'm excited to show you a new still life I just completed.  I've painted this brass teapot before and it's always fun to make a change from my usual blue and white porcelains.

This was the original set up.  The teapot is a little crooked after getting knocked on the floor, but I simply straightened it out in the painting.

I blocked in the painting rather quickly.  That does not always happen, but when it does, the painting usually flows without too much aggravation.

I proceeded to get the canvas covered.  I know it looks a little crazy, but it really does help to get the colors and shadows in right away and worry about the rest later.

This was my third session working on the painting.   I'm always happy at this point, when it starts looking like a real painting.  That is when I know that I will be able to complete it.  It does not matter how many paintings I do, I always have that little bit of anxiety until I get to this point.

You may have noticed in the previous photos that the teapot did not have a handle.  I was having trouble getting it right, so I decided to wait until my background was completely dry and then paint it in.  That can be the easiest way with a hard to paint item or a pattern because then you can wipe down your mistake without messing anything up.

Next it was time to put the pattern in on the teapot.  That is what really makes these old pieces come alive.  I am also quite happy with how the peaches turned out.  I'm rarely successful with painting peaches so it's nice when they do come out well.

This is the finished piece.  In a few weeks when it is dry I will varnish and photograph it.  This was a fun piece to work on and the first painting I've finished since I had my accident a few months ago.  It's great to be back in the groove.

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