Thursday, March 3, 2016

Blue And White Vase With Chinese Lanterns

I have another new still life to show you today.  I started this painting back in June.  This was the original set up, but I ended up tweaking it a bit at the end.

I blocked in the colors as I usually do, including the different colors of the cloth.  I usually just put in the primary color and then add the accents later, but because there was so much of the beige color, I put it in at the beginning.

The photo above was the third session on this painting.  It is hard to see in the original still life shot, but there are tiny gold flecks throughout this fabric.  I only put in a hint of them, but there are enough that you can clearly see that the fabric has a pattern to it.

Unfortunately, the photo I have of the pattern being painted in has disappeared into the ether, so I will show you a photo of the finished painting.  As I mentioned above, I did make one change to the set up.  After the painting was complete I let it sit around my studio for a few months.  It was a good painting, but I felt like it needed something more.  One day I happened upon some dried Chinese Lanterns and thought they would be the perfect finishing touch.

This is the finished painting.  I'm so much happier with the set up now that there is another element with the orange color in it as well as a piece balancing out the painting on the right hand side.  It is sometimes hard to see those things when you are setting up a still life, but there is nothing wrong with switching it up in the middle or at the end.

I'll be back soon with another new painting.  Have a great night and as always, thanks for reading!

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