Thursday, March 17, 2016

Two New Paintings

Hi Everyone.  I have two new paintings to show you today.  Unfortunately, I seem to have had a photo meltdown and many of the photos of these paintings seem to be missing. However, I would like to show them to you so I will just do the best with what I still have.

First up, I have a new floral painting.  I began this painting when the cold weather finally hit New York, so it was nice to have something spring like to work on.

 This was the bouquet.  I don't often do multi colored bouquets so this was a fun change.

I did my usual block in, this time using a different background color.  It is still gray, but not as warm as I usually go.  This was a combination of french ultramarine, transparent red oxide and titanium white.  I really like the new color for this painting, but when I tried it on a second canvas I got very frustrated with it and reverted back to my usual black and yellow ochre :)


Next I blocked in the flowers, just trying to get the basic shapes and colors.  I was not sure how long they would last, so I wanted to get as much info on to the canvas as possible.

This was my third session on the painting.  The flowers were the most important thing, so other than building up the background color, I worked on them while leaving the rest of the painting for later.

After the flowers were done, it was time to get on with the rest of the painting.  I started by painting in the pattern on the vase as well as the leaves that were scattered about on the shelf.  This vase has a very intricate pattern and it took some time to get it right.

A close up of the pattern.  It takes some effort to keep track of where all the darks and lights are suppose to be, but it is worth it to get the pattern done correctly.

This is a hilarious photo that my friend took the day I finished the painting.  As you can see, this bouquet was done!  When I'm painting flowers, I give myself permission to break the rule about working on the entire painting at once.  They are only going to be around for a short time, so you have to get them done as soon as you can.

The second painting I have to show you is a still life with a cantaloupe and grapes.  I've been wanting to paint a melon forever, but I figured it would be difficult and kept putting it off.

Here is the set up.  The painting went on the canvas pretty easily.  Unfortunately, all my progress pics seem to have disappeared into the ether, including a hilarious shot that showed the cantaloupe looking like it had teeth!.  I was painting in the seeds, but I went a bit overboard and it looked like an open mouth ready to bite.  I started calling it the "cantaloupe monster".   I solved the problem by wiping out most of them and just leaving a few behind to show that the cantaloupe did have seeds, I just didn't need to show every one.

This is the finished painting.  It was fun to switch things up and paint something new.  As soon as these are dry and varnished, I will photograph them and add the images to the drop down menus.

I think that covers my crazy winter painting spree.  I started a new still life last week and there is no deadline! I'm taking my time with this one and will post it as soon as it is finished.

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