Tuesday, October 25, 2016

New Still Life: Fruit In A Glass Bowl

I finished this new still life a few days ago.  A couple of weeks ago I decided that I wanted to paint something using this glass candy bowl.  This was a spur of the moment decision, and I had no fruit or flowers in the studio.  I decided to just block in the bowl on the still life shelf and deal with the rest of it later.

Since I was happy with the start, I brought in a bag of fruit the next day in order to make a proper still life set up.  If you look closely, there was originally a blue and white pitcher on the left side of the candy dish, but I decided to leave that out and just go with the fruit.

This is the arrangement that I settled on.  I then proceeded to block in the painting.

This was the end of the first painting session.  I'm always happy when the canvas is covered on the first day.

This was day two.  I was happy at this point as the painting seemed to be going well.  Sometimes on session two or three things don't seem to be going smoothly and it is quite anxiety provoking, so it's always nice when things are on track from the beginning.

At this point, I also put in the glass bowl.  Glass can be really hard or really easy.  Luckily this time it was really easy :)

Getting the colors done correctly on the white cloth was the hardest part of the painting.  It took some time to get the white the way I wanted it.  After a few coats of paint I was finally happy with it, so then it was time to find some spots of personality in the fabric.  These little details make a piece of cloth look so much more interesting.

The last step was putting in the embroidered design.  It took a few tries to get it right.  To achieve the look of the embroidery, I painted in the design, then wiped it lightly with a paper towel.  I then painted over that and took a small palette knife and wiped out the design a little bit.  I repeated this three or four times until I was satisfied that the blue flower looked like it had been embroidered on to the cloth.

Fruit In A Glass Bowl, 11x14, oil

Here is the finished painting.  This was a fun little piece to paint.  I'm starting a new painting this week with another candy dish and some blue and white pieces.  I'm also at work on two other paintings.  I'll have those posts for you soon.

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