Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Drawing Lilies

Lilies seem to be the favorite flower to draw, so I finally gave it a shot this week.  They were a bit more difficult than the gladiola, but still fun to draw.

This bloom was a beautiful color.  I think part of the reason this flower was a bit difficult is because it was such a vibrant pink that it was hard to capture the essence of it in graphite.

This is where I got a little off course.  Luckily, Katie Whipple, our instructor showed me how to measure the petals to make sure everything was in the right spot.  The six petals were basically across from each other, so it was then easy to see and fix any mistakes.

This is the finished piece.  I'm actually happy with it, something that does not often happen to me with drawing.  In fact, I may get myself some colored pencils and give that a try.  I'll always be an oil painter, but lately I've been having the urge to do something different every once in awhile.  I feel like it's time to expand my horizons a little bit and this has been a good place to start.

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