Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Some Photos From The Scottsdale Artists' School

I'm currently in the middle of two still life paintings.  One seems to be going along quite easily and the other, not so much.  Eventually they will both be finished, but in the meantime, I thought you might like to see some photos from my week at The Scottsdale Artists' School.

I can't say enough good things about the school.  Not only is everyone there extremely nice and helpful, but the building itself is amazing.  The day before the workshop, we stopped over to the school to register for Gregg Kreutz's demo as well as pick up turp and linseed oil and a few other things that we needed.  The school is located in a lovely old building, but the decor of the inside blew me away.  We have many art schools here in New York City, but ambience is not something that is a priority.  In fact, some of them are downright dumpy.  But in addition to the care they take with everything else, the school is beautifully decorated and a place that I was very happy to spend time in.

This beautiful glass cabinet resides in the front desk area.  One look and you can see why I love it.  It contains my two favorite things:  blue and white porcelain and art books.  It is also beautifully styled, something that the frustrated interior designer in me really appreciated.

On the opposite wall, there are a ton of bookshelves with beautiful sculptures on top.

I was ready to move into this room!

And check out this enormous classroom.  The people doing still life painting all had their own set ups and there was plenty of room for those of us doing the models.  Consequently, there was no jockeying and fighting for space, which was very nice.

And speaking of rooms I want to move into, check out the student lounge.  This was another beautiful room at the school.  Students can eat lunch here or just relax and take a break.  I ate outside every day as I was determined to get as much sun as possible while in Arizona, but I would have loved to spend more time in this lovely and serene room.

Though it was a bit cooler than I'd hoped, we were still able to take our lunch break outside in the sun.  The grounds of the school are lovely.

The city of Scottsdale is a huge arts destination and we were lucky enough to be there on the first Thursday of the month.  All the galleries were open late and we walked from one to the other.  It was fun to visit places and see paintings that I'd only heard about or seen online.

It was cold at night, but the musicians were still out entertaining us.

I snapped this out of the car window on our last day in Scottsdale.  It is a lovely place and I can't say enough about the Scottsdale Artists' School.  A great school with beautiful, professional models and an amazing staff.  I have to give a shout out to Mimi, who seems to keep the place running.  If the students need anything, Mimi takes care of it.  I loved my week here and  I hope I get to visit the school again sometime.

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