Sunday, March 5, 2017

New Still Life, Blue And White Vase With Oranges

I'm happy to report that I finished a new still life painting tonight.  I started this one a few weeks ago and I thought I was done with it last week, but after looking at it the last few days, I realized that it needed some work.

This is the original set up and the block in.

This is the end of the second session.  As you can see, the canvas is covered and the lights and shadows are done.  At this point, I just kept adding layers of paint.

After a bit more work on the vase, it was time for the pattern.

After I finished the pattern, I thought the painting was done, but after looking at it for the last week, I realized that it needed a few tweaks.  First, the background needed one more coat of paint.  It was not as smooth as I wanted it to be, so I knew I needed to go over it one more time.  Second, I realized that there were six leaves on the stems coming out of the pot.  Odd numbers always look better, so I added one more leaf and stem.  It had the added benefit of balancing out the left side of the painting.  And third, the back piece of the top of the vase was far too prominent.  Since it is behind the front piece (obviously), it needed to fade out a bit.

I decided to take care of all of these problems today as I was ready for this painting to be done.

Blue And White Vase With Oranges, 12x16, oil

Here is the finished painting.  I'm glad this one is finished as I'm also in the middle of a large floral.  I'm hoping to have that painting finished in a few days and of course I'll have a full recap here.

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