Still Life

Brass Teapot With Lemons, 12x16, oil

White Pitcher With Fruit, 12x16, oil

Blue And White Vase With Fruit, 12x16, oil (private collection)

Peaches And Grapes, 12x16, oil (private collection)

Black Vase With Oranges, 16x20, oil (Private Collection)

Blue Vase With Pitcher, 16x20, oil (sold)

Lemons And Grapes In A Silver Bowl, 20x16, oil

Blue And White Bowl With Fruit, 20x16, oil

Brass Teapot With Peaches, 16x12, oil

Lady Apples With A White Cloth, 16x12, oil

The Genie Bottle, 20x16, oil

Fruit In A Blue And White Compote, 12x9, oil

Oranges And Grapes In A Compote, 12x9, oil

Red And White Vase With Fruit, 16x12, oil

Fruit In A Glass Candy Dish, 12x16, oil

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