Sunday, May 27, 2018

New Blog Name!

Hello Everyone.  You may have noticed that there is a new name on the blog today.  This is a change I have been contemplating for some time, and today I just decided to go for it.

I have several reasons for making this change.  The first was practical.  After having a good google ranking for years, I was suddenly getting knocked off the search engine on a regular basis.  Mostly by people looking for house painters in New York City!  It sounds ridiculous, but the house painters and a paintball company recently started getting a lot of search hits which in turn adversely affected me.

This blog is not monetized and I have no plans for it to be.  It is more of an online diary.  But one of the best parts of having this space has been the ability to share my art work and communicate with people from around the world, and to do that, people need to be able to find me.

Secondly, after almost seven years of blogging,  I found the original blog name no longer suited me.  There are several reasons for this.  I decided the name was too long.  I originally wanted it to be NYCPainter, but that was taken by someone who made a few posts and never used it again, so I decided to spell the whole thing out.  This was in the days before social media was such a presence, and I just feel like a shorter name is better for me.  I also think the new name better describes what it is that I actually do, which is painting in a realist style.

Another factor is that there are a few art blogs that have almost the same name as mine.  I even met one of these artists a few years ago and we had no idea that we had almost the same blog name!

The third reason that the blog name needed a change is because I may be making one as well.  NYC is the best and I love it here, but I am DONE with winter.  I have just had it with cold weather and perpetually gray skies, so becoming a "snowbird" is in the works!  Yes, like many in the tri-state area, I am hoping to start spending time in Florida over the winters.  Remember Jerry Seinfeld referred to New York, Long Island and Florida as the Bermuda Triangle?  It is and I plan to join the ranks, so I did not want my writing to be limited by the blog name.

Last, but certainly not least, the last few years have brought many changes to my life, some good, but many of them have been less than pleasant.  Out of necessity, I've had to make some changes, especially recently.  While change is always difficult, it can be a time for growth and that is what I feel is finally starting to happen.  I decided it was time to have a new blog name to go along with my new life.

I thought about this name change for quite a while.  I was very up in the air with the whole thing, but recently, a few bloggers that I have followed for years changed their blog names, mostly due to the same reasons as mine.  That gave me the confidence to do it as well.  I had not intended for today to be the day, but when I sat down to write a post, I decided there was no time like the present.

So there you have it.  Probably more explanation than was necessary, but I wanted to share my thoughts on this name change with you guys.  I also have some new blog series coming up and a few other new things to go along with the new name.

As always, thanks for reading and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

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