Monday, February 29, 2016

A New Still Life - Black Vase With Lemons

As I mentioned yesterday, before the marathon painting session I completed a few still life paintings. This set up was simple, but very different from what I normally paint.

This black vase is huge, but very easy to paint as it is just the one color with some highlights.

This was my first day block in.  It looks a little strange as I was painting over an old canvas, but with a few coats of paint the old painting was eradicated forever :)

This was the third session.  The lights and darks are now more prominent and it is beginning to look like an actual painting.

I was very happy to get to this stage after a few sessions as I was worried that this painting was not going to make it.  That happens sometimes and there is no choice but to abandon it and move on, but luckily that was not the case here.

Here is the finished painting.  I let the painting sit for a few weeks, then decided it needed some light added to the area around the top of the vase as well as the front plane of the red cloth.  Soon I will be able to varnish and photograph it.

As I said, this was a simple set up, but sometimes it is fun to paint something quick and easy.

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