Monday, September 9, 2013

What's Happening And A Blog Update

It was quite a busy week over here in NYCP land.  Many things on the to do list were accomplished which is always nice.

First up: the stars aligned and I was able to photograph some of the finished paintings.

Brass Teapot And A Glass Vase, 16x20, oil

The River, 18x24, oil

The Red Robe, 16x20, oil

Lady In Red, 16x20, oil

White Pitcher With Oranges, 12x16, oil

Peonies In A Blue And White Vase, 16x20, oil

Peonies In A Glass Vase, 16x20, oil

I'm very happy to be able to finally post these paintings for everyone to see.  I'm hoping to varnish them this morning and then in a few days they will be ready for hanging.

I've also started applying to another set of shows.  I'll let you know what happens (keeping my fingers crossed!).

Next up, I was able to frame a bunch of paintings that I had stacked up against the wall.  It still amazes me how different a painting looks in a beautiful frame.  Of course, I had some help from my assistant :)

I've been framed!!

I also wanted to let you guys know that I am making a small change to the blog.  I've been hurrying to get paintings done so that I can get them on the blog quickly to show everyone, but I realized that I can't continue to do postings that way.  This week I ended up reworking a few paintings that I thought were finished, but later realized that they were not.  My usual way of working is to "finish" a painting and then let it sit for a week or two.  By studying a painting when you are not actively working on it, it is much easier to see what needs to be corrected.  A good painting takes time to complete and the only thing rushing me were my own self imposed deadlines.

Going forward, I will post my in progress shots instead of waiting until everything is complete and I will post new photos of the reworked paintings as soon as I am positive that they are finally done.

This is getting long so I'll stop here.  As always, I thank all of you for reading my blog and following along on my adventures.


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