Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two Down, One To Go!

Yes, I finished another painting yesterday.  If you recall, I was working on three paintings at the same time.  Not my usual way of working, but with flower season in full swing, I have had to change things up a bit.

I did not paint this in my studio, so I just have a few not so great phone snaps, but I wanted to show you the painting right away.  I will take it home next week and sign it, then in a few weeks it will be ready to be varnished and photographed.

This is the end of the second painting session on this piece.  After blocking everything in (including the background), I added the shadows.

This is the end of day three.  As you can see, things are much more refined than in the first shot.  The shadows and highlights are in.  Now it is time to add the details.

This is the finished painting.  I darkened up the shadow on the white vase and added in the pattern.  Then I tackled the pattern on the fabric.  Funny thing about that - it took me over an hour to do that small vase and about twenty minutes to do the fabric!  Painting can be strange like that.  Something you think will be difficult is easy, and another thing that looks easy can make you want to tear your hair out.

So that is it for this one.  Next up, the hydrangeas I have been working on.  The flowers are long since done, but I'm concerned that the glass isn't "glassy" enough.  Of course I'll show you the whole process.  We'll see what tomorrow brings - hopefully a finished painting!

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