Thursday, August 15, 2013

Still Working On The Still Life

I thought I'd be back with a finished painting to show all of you, but I'm still working on the new painting.  Every day this week I thought it would be done, but it still needs some tweaking.  Well, more than tweaking.  It needs work.  In the meantime, I thought you would like to see some in progress photos.  I usually wait to post until I have a completed painting, but since it was slow going on the last few, I may post as I go along.

This is the original set up.  I was half way to the studio when I realized that I did not have anything to paint!  So I popped into the grocery store and grabbed some fruit.  This vase was already in the studio as I had it planned for something else, so it went into the set up.

I also didn't have a canvas (yes, there was a complete lack of planning that day), so I picked one to paint over.  This was an early nude that was never completed.  Once I started painting in my grey background it became kind of weirdly interesting, but I did cover it up.

This was the start.  Just a simple block in and then shadows.

This is what transpired over the next two days.  I thought all I had to do was put in the vase pattern and I would be done, but something was bugging me about the painting.  The next morning I realized what it was.  There are an even number of fruits (you should always use an odd number) and those two nectarines on the left are just hanging out by themselves and don't seem a part of the painting.

I got myself to the store, grabbed another nectarine and cut a slice.  I put it in front of the two whole nectarines and it made an enormous difference.  It gave a nice pop of color to the painting as well as making the whole set up look more cohesive.  Also, I painted it in about ten minutes.  The whole nectarines have been driving me bonkers, so it was nice to have something easy to do.

Tomorrow, I have to put in some more detail on the wood as well as the pattern on the vase.  I have to get done quickly as I have a gorgeous bunch of sunflowers waiting for me.

I'm not promising, but I hope to have a completed painting to show you tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out!

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