Wednesday, November 27, 2013

San Miguel de Allende: El Jardin

I spent much of my time in San Miguel de Allende in El Jardin, the town square.  I really believe that El Jardin is what makes visitors pack up and move south.  In fact, the first day I was there painting on the street I heard someone call out my name and it turned out to be a friend from New York!   She visited San Miguel for two weeks in January and promptly packed up and moved there (I'm fantasizing about that as we speak due to our horrible weather).

El Jardin is where everyone hangs out.  There are artists, shoppers, people selling all kinds of things on the street, people just hanging out on the benches reading the paper, talking or having coffee.  My favorite thing to do there was hang out at the Cafe El Jardin having a limonata.  After painting all day we would get lunch and a drink and people watch.  I've been missing it everyday since I've been back home.

Speaking of painting,  I wish I had a finished painting to show you from El Jardin, but I do not.  I made three attempts, but none panned out.  It happens.  Perspective is not my strong suit and with rolling hills added in, well, it just did not happen.  But I do have some fun pictures to show you.

La Parroquia, one of the most photographed churches in Mexico

La Parroquia at night

My painting set up

Yes, there is a Starbucks, but that is the only chain in the area

Groups of school children always stopped to see what we were up to

Hanging out at the cafe
Saw this woman on the street everyday

 I have lots more photos but will save them for another post.  In the meantime I'm going to get back to San Miguel real estate fantasizing!  Have a great day everybody.

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