Friday, April 11, 2014

Working On A New Still Life

I began work on this still life a few weeks ago, but put it aside to start a figure painting.  I took a look at it yesterday and realized that it needed some adjustments.  I put the background in again and got to work.

This was the original set up.  A pretty standard still life, but getting  the shape of this vase was no easy task.  It is very old and not perfectly symmetrical.  In real life it is not that noticeable, but in the painting it looked way off so I made some adjustments.

This was the first session.  Just the background and a block in of the shadows and local colors.

Day two was more of the same.  Just trying to get the colors and shapes right.

This is a bad iPhone photo I snapped at the end of a third crazy painting session.  I was painting away thinking I was going to finish before my model started.  After this session I put the painting aside and had not thought too much about it until yesterday.  I walked into my studio and realized it needed some serious work.

First up, the vase.  It may be a quirky, vintage piece in real life, but in the painting it just looked like I got my dimensions wrong.  I worked on getting the correct shape, then repainted the entire thing.

I also got out the t-square and redid the lines of the shelf to make them as even as possible.

I also pumped up the grapes, redid the orange slice and made some changes to the white cloth.

This is where I left off yesterday.  I'll be back at work on this today.  I'm much happier with how things are going.  There are some changes to the original set up, but that is the great thing about oil paint.  If something is not working, you can just paint right over it!

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Have a great weekend everybody.  

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