Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Paintings Added To The Drop Down Menus

Hi Everybody.  I hope all of you are enjoying this holiday week.  I've been hard at work photographing paintings, old and new.  My photography skills are better than when I started blogging, so I felt it was time for an update.  Here are the photos of my newest paintings, but please check out the drop down menus and let me know what you think.  I always love to get your comments and emails!

Lilacs, 20x16, oil

Lady Apples With A White Cloth, 12x16, oil

Lemons And Grapes In A Silver Bowl, 16x20, oil

Wine And Fruit, 16x20, oil

The Hexagon Vase, 20x16, oil

Winter Bouquet, 16x12, oil

Fruit In A Glass Candy Dish, 16x12, oil

Red And White Vase With Fruit, 12x16, oil

Fruit In A Blue And White Compote, 9x12, oil

Hope you like them!

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