Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hydrangeas and Ranunculus Done!

As of 3:15pm today, the hydrangeas and ranunculus are done.  I started this painting about six weeks ago and managed to get the flowers in, but then I got waylaid by all the gorgeous flowers at the farmers markets.  Even though I had a brand new bouquet of sunflowers ready to go today, I decided to just finish this up and I am glad to say it is finally done.

Lets start at the beginning.  I got these two bouquets of flowers at TJ's back in the beginning of June.  From the beginning, it was not working on the panel I was using, so after some frustrating hours of trying to get the painting down, I grabbed a canvas that already had paint on it and just put down the block in on that and then things moved along.  

Once I started using a panel that the paint was not sinking into, I was finally able to get these flowers painted.  Unlike other subjects, flowers have to be done fast.  Sometimes people get upset with me when I paint over old paintings, but I have a rule:  if I wouldn't hang it on the wall, it gets painted over. This particular painting was a nude that was okay, but I only had three sessions with the model and really needed four or five.  And if truth be told, she wasn't very exciting so I had no qualms reusing the canvas.  However, I didn't get much past this point because I started working on the other paintings.

This past Monday I got back to it and it was almost finished, but I felt it still needed a bit of work.

 You can see the set up changed from the original that I was working with.  It was so long ago I forgot all about the fruit, but I think the flower petals worked nicely.

This is the finished painting.  I'm looking at the flower petals and may pump them up a bit as they are in the shot above, but I'm very happy with it.  And I'm very happy to have successfully painted this vase.  It has been vexing me for years and this is the first time that I have been satisfied with it in a painting.

Now that this is finished, it's on to the sunflowers!

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